Stevenson Consortium Math Competition

The annual Stevenson Consortium Math Competition was held on Saturday, April 29, 2023 at Stevenson High School.

Daniel Wright took the top prize with a total of 291 points, with Twin Groves as the runner-up with 262 points. Congratulations to all students that participated, and thank you to all the middle school coaches!

For archived results, see here.


Overall Winner: Daniel Wright
Second Place: Twin Groves
Third Place: Woodlawn

Written 8th:

  1. Daniel Wright
  2. Twin Groves

7th 2-person:

  1. Aptakisic
  2. Daniel Wright

Written 7th:

  1. Daniel Wright
  2. Twin Groves

8th 2-person:

  1. Daniel Wright
  2. Twin Groves


  1. Daniel Wright
  2. Woodlawn


  1. Twin Groves
  2. Woodlawn

8th Grade Individual Winners:

  1. Dannan Li — Daniel Wright
  2. Alex Gou — Daniel Wright
  3. Landon Hutchinson — Woodlawn
  4. Florence Lee — Aptakisic
  5. Tony Zhou — Twin Groves

7th Grade Individual Winners:

  1. Julia Ding — Twin Groves
  2. Lily Fan — Twin Groves
  3. Amrit Narang — Aptakisic
  4. Adrian Gualdron — Daniel Wright
  5. Amarjot Singh — Daniel Wright

Most Improved from 7th to 8th grade: Alex Gou — Daniel Wright