2022_0517 MATH TEAM

May 15, 2022 10:55 PM

The last meeting is upon us this week!

Come by 1500/1502 after school for so many reasons!
1.  Rubik’s Cube competition!
2.  State winning hardware has arrived!  Celebrate team and individual honors
3.  Hardware and prizes from other competitions have also arrived!
4.  Find out who our next modelers are!
5.  Find out who our next leaders are!
6.  Clearing out the cabinet!  
7. We have some extra t-shirts from the math circle this year and last year!  All shirts are $5… and comes with a free Optiveer t-shirt!  

last full week of school!  woot!

See ya Tuesday
3:40 – 4:25ish


2022_0308 MATH TEAM

Mon, Mar 7, 9:56 PM

Anybody else feel like Tuesday crept up on us really fast?
Anybody else feel like they forgot how to “do school” after a long weekend?
Anybody else weirded out that it was 70° and sunny  and then a winter wonderland on the same weekend?

Despite how you feel, the fact is that MATH TEAM meets tomorrow!  It’s a busy week with lots of news, so let’s get at it.

With an unofficial score of 863, Stevenson high school wins region 12, and has the highest score across all other regions!  Here are the top 10 across all regions:


Many individual honors will be given to several of you for scoring in the top 8 individually or for placing in a team event.  These awards will be passed out to you during math team when they come in!  Check out shsmathteam.com for a full list of awardees… in a few days. =)

The previous head math team coach, the honorable Mr. Thibadeau, has stated to me a few times that winning NSML is just as big, if not bigger, than winning state.  Thursday is NSML 5, the last NSML event of the year.  After this event, grand totals for the year are summed.  That’s 375 possible points at each grade level plus 200 possible points for orals – a grand total of 1700 possible points.  

These are the standings now, with a possible 1400 points: 300 at each grade level and 200 for orals:


Good luck to those going out on Thursday!

3.  Math models

Every year, we select 10 students to participate in math modeling competitions.  This week, our teams will be submitting final projects in the Modeling the Future Challenge and finding out next week if they make it to the next round of the M3Challenge.  At the conclusion of these events, we will begin forming our teams for next year, so keep an eye out for invitations.

4.  Looking ahead

Next week Wednesday is ARML and the co-curricular fair. If you have an 8th grade sibling, tell them to swing by the math team booth!

5.  Athletes

To our Mathlete athletes, congratulations on making one of our sports teams.  Please be sure to communicate with your coaches so that we can keep you looped in.

See you tomorrow for some 2p fun and nsml prep:
Tuesday 3/8/2022
3:35ish – 4:30ish
1500/1502 FROSH SOPH
1608/1610 Jr Sr


2022_0301 MATH TEAM

Sun, Feb 27, 7:49 PM

Whoah… you See that off in the distance?  That, my friend, is the end of the school year.  It’s nUts that our next meeting will be in March.  The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warMer, soon it will be that magical word: like a 6 lEtter wordle where the two middle letters are the same and happen to be one of the two middle letteRs of the alphabet. I can’t write out lest I scare it away… but man, it’s close!

Congratulations to the 50+ students that participated in regionals this past weekend!  It’s exciting to know that many of you are putting your talents out there to see how you are improving and competing with other mathematicians in the region.  Official scores are still not up, so I will not discuss results beyond saying we are so glad that you offer your time to participate and toil in mathematics with others.  

Coming up in two weeks, March 10, is meet #5 in the NSML.  The 50+ schools of the league will descend upon Glenbrook South at the same time, and so we are limited to bring only 5 students at each grade level.  Coaches will be discussing with each other and looking at previous contests and practices in deciding who will be on the bus with us.  

Accordingly, this week in math team, we will take time to clan up and spend some time with math together.  We will look at contests from previous years and possibly look through a few different activities. 

btw, check out https://shsmathteam.com/ as new content is being dropped into the page weekly. 

See ya Tuesday
3:40 – 4:30ish
1500/1502 FR/SO
1606/1608 Jr/Sr


2022_0222 MATH TEAM

Mon, Feb 21, 8:20 PM

2morrow it’s going to happen!

2 celebrate our time 2gether, un2 you, we capi2late our time on 2sday 2 2 things

• We will meet in our typical rooms, BUT all calculator team participants will start in 1500/1502.  There, Mr. Anderson will do a practice calculator session.  For all students not in calculator, remain in your typical rooms where we will spend time working through a practice regional/state competition specific to your year.  The best way to anticipate the difficulty of questions is to work through old contests.

• at about 4:05, we will go our two room setup:
frosh/soph in 1500/1502
Jr/Sr in rooms 1606/1608
We will work through 8 person events during that time.

All this as we prepare for the regionals competition which will be this Saturday.
For those that are participating in regionals, earlier today you received our second of four emails detailing how our time will be spent on Saturday.  Further emails confirmed your registration for individual, 8 person, and calculator events.  If you did not receive email confirmations, then we do not have you on our list of regional participants.  If you find that this is in error, please contact your coach.

take time 2 2ly accen2ate the details of this email, 2se to 2 on the details, even2ually you will come 2 appreciate… ok, i’m done.

After school to 4:05ish

1500/1502 Frosh/Calculator 
1506 Soph
1606 Jr
1608 Sr

1500/1502 Frosh/Soph
1608 Jr/Sr

until 2morrow, 2daloo!

2022_0215 MATH TEAM

Sun, Feb 13, 4:22 PM

hello, Hello HELLO!

Excited to see everyone again this Tuesday!  After taking a week off, quite a few things have happened so let me fill you in.

1.  Congratulations to AIME qualifiers.  Last week Tuesday, over 30 of us sat for the AIME exam, the second leg of the three test path to MOP and international mathing.  We hope some of you make it to the next round, but we celebrate those who made it this far.  Pretty awesome.

2.  NSML #4 is behind us, and our math team has opened up a whopping 59 point lead over second place second place Whitney Young, 1197 to 1138.  One more round to go!  NSML #5 is scheduled to be held in person with all 50 plus teams invited to descend upon GlenBrook South.  It’s a fun time to see the entire high school math community in one place.  Our next weeks will be spent in preparing for NSML #5 and regional and State competition.  https://nsml.org/statistics/ranked/cumulative/4/

3.  ARML qualifiers.  There are quite a few of us invited to train up for the American Regions Math League.  Please make sure to keep your eye on emails from Mr. Anderson as there are assignments and bus rides in the near future.

4.  This week, we’re going to meet in larger groupings.  Freshmen and Sophomores will join together in 1500/1502; Juniors and Seniors will meet together in room 1608 (or 1606).  We will spend time working in groups to practice math topics for state and nsml, hanging with math and hanging with each other.  While of course, the true reward for math is the math itself, we also will supply some CHOCOLATE!  =)  There should be plenty of opportunities for your groups to win some chocolate and some other random gifts. =)

So enjoy the Super Bowl and we’ll see ya Tuesday, 

3:45 – 4:30 ish

Frosh/Soph 1500/1502
Jr/Sr 1606 or 1608


2022_0208 MATH TEAM – MHD

Fri, Feb 4, 1:42 PM


tut, 2/8/2022, wagtta”mhd”b.  soywbttaeitd, awatftybwbm.  a,wwnbmfmt.  sr, taw, hwf, dsrm, cotgcfnm, aealb.

wwsyaoF15!  ath, stwof15, wh5fdwatiisb.  

W!  tscgsuu. 


—- for those of you that don’t understand my text lingo, here you go —

Hello Math Team!

This upcoming Tuesday, 2/8/2022, we are going to take a “mental health day” 

break.  Several of you will be taking the aime earlier in the day, and we acknowledge the fact that your brain will be mush.  Accordingly, we will not be meeting for math team.  So relax, take a walk, hang with friends, do some recreational math, check out the google classroom for new material, and enjoy a little break.

We will see you again on February 15!  And take heart, starting the week of February 15, we have 5 four day weeks and then it is spring break.

Woot!  The Stevenson calendar gods smile upon us


2022_0201 MATH TEAM

Jan 30, 2022, 9:05 PM

Here we go!

1.  Congratulations to the 35 students who made their way to the ARML competition last week!  Stealing from an old Wayne Gretzy quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Yes, we congratulate all 35 students simply because they took a chance.  =)  The questions were tough, and that is also great!  At our particular site (there was also an IMSA, Whitney Young, and Naperville North location), our very own Ben Chen had the high score.  Congratulations to Ben.  Teams will be announced later this month.  And thank you to Mr. Anderson for working the logistics 

2.  AMC / AIME.  For those who qualified for the AIME, congratulations!  You made it to the second of three stages.  The AIME will take place on 2/8, qualified students received an email from Mr. Anderson with details.  In the next week, consider doing a little study session with another qualifier. =)

3.  ICTM Regional.  Thank you to the 80+ students who expressed interest in participation in the ICTM regional at Stevenson High School on 2/26.  We plan to start our individual exams at 8 AM so that we can avoid the most conflicts.  We will then continue with 8 person exams at 9 AM and calculator exams at 10 AM.  Please keep watching the google classrooms for posted problems and resources.  Most of these details, however, we are holding back on until we successfully complete…

4.  NSML #4.  NSML #4 will be held at  Evanston Township High School.  To the lucky 42 students we select (10 at each grade level and 2 oralists), we will leave at 4 PM.  Evanston is fairly difficult to get to, and mother nature is going to bring some of that white fluffy stuff:

“white fluffy stuff” — pk

So we may ask that everyone bring a sack lunch for dinner, similar to what we did for ARML.  I’m guessing it will take over an hour to get there, but we will continue to monitor the weather and advise the 42 of us as we gain a clearer picture.  Please be sure to work your google classrooms, looking for problems, resources, and competitions so that we can make the best selection for our trip.

Accordingly, this Tuesday, we will start in our typical classrooms to start:

FROSH 1500/1502   Anderson
SOPH   1506             pkim
JR         1606            Renken
SR         1608           Tollefson

but then break into larger groups.  
Frosh + Soph in 1500/1502.
Jr + Sr in 1608.

In these larger groups we will detail how the regional and state tournament is done, and possibly run through some practice 8person events for fun and to get to know each other.  

See ya’ll Tuesday! 

2022_0125 MATH TEAM

Sun, Jan 23, 4:33 PM

D125 Math Team!

This week, we will devote our entire meeting to the NSML #4 that is coming up.  

NSML #4 is on 2/2 next week, and there are still lots of decisions to be made in terms of who we will bring.  So please stay on top of your learning, practice, and competitions that are found on your google classroom.

In the weeks that follow, we will begin to spend some more of our time in preparing for the regional competition that is on 2/26/22.  We know Math Team, Science Olympiad, and Scholastic Bowl all have events that day, and we are trying our best to make the schedule work for all of us.  Please keep your coach informed of conflicts that need to be resolved.

see ya on Tuesday 1/25/22

FROSH 1500/1502   Anderson
SOPH   1506             pkim
JR         1606            Renken
SR         1608           Tollefson


Mon, Jan 17, 5:40 PM

Howdy gang,

I hope you are all enjoying your day off!  I must say, I love having days off… I also love the shorter week that comes along with it.

Well, it’s time to get the gang back together. =)

Tuesday 1/18/2022
FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506 
JR         1606
SR         1608

The time will be devoted to NSML prep… meet 4 is just a few weeks away!

In the coming weeks, we will start breaking up our time to split between preparing for NSML and preparing for the regional event which is also in February.

Regarding both, please be sure to stay on top of your google classrooms.  There are many problem sets and/or solutions to work through as a guide.  

And be sure to read solutions when available!  Even if you find the correct response, solutions will often provide novel strategies that may help you work more efficiently or navigate unfamiliar future problems.

Sleep early, stay healthy, see you manana


Sun, Jan 9, 2021, 10:41 PM

Hello math team buddy!

Let’s not bury the lede: Math Team will once again delay our first meeting in 2022.That is, there is no in-person math team this week.  

Though we would love to get the gang together and look at problems, prudence suggests that we delay large in person gatherings if possible.  Let’s do some case work.

1.  You are disappointed in the decision.
First, I’m glad that you look forward to meeting together!  We are sorry to let you down, but in the name of public health, we believe this is the correct choice for this week.

2.  You weren’t sure if you would come.
Well, we will make the tough decision for you.  No meeting.

3.  You want to come but planned not to.
Yeah, I know, that’s where we are.

So, what shall we do to fill the math shaped void in our hearts?  
1.  Please check your class-level google classrooms.  Coaches will be dropping in content sometime in the next two days.  Perhaps still carve out time on Tuesday after school to do some extra math

2.  If you signed up to participate in the ICTM regional (and then state) contest and ARML, you will receive a brief message acknowledging receipt.  Sign ups are now closed.  If you do not receive an email from me, Mr. Kim, right after this one, and you believe that is in error, please email me directly.  Further, we know there is a potential conflict on the Feb 26 date with other club competitions…. we’re working with those sponsors to find a solution.

In closing, it’s a full week of school ya’ll.  Work hard and continue to build the engine that is your big talented brain.  Be patient and generous with yourself and others – we all carry our own particular burdens… a smile and a kind gesture could go a long way right now.  

And of course, stay positive … while hopefully testing negative.