2023_0214 MATH TEAM

Bring out the math puns!   It’s MATH TEAM on Valentine’s day! We will give you the gift of math tomorrow! Frosh/Soph in 1500/1502 Jr/Sr in 1508/1510 We will bring down walls in 1508/1510 To practice 2person and 8person competitions! 3:40-4:30ish Tomorrow! 2/14/2023 Will the puns ever stop! The google machine keeps providing! ok… that lastContinue reading “2023_0214 MATH TEAM”

2023_0117 MATH TEAM

Math, math, math, math maaath…. Lots going on friends… Tomorrow, come to math team and: 1.  Sign in to 5-star to keep your eligibility fresh 2.  Hear about a service opportunity this upcoming spring 3.  Consider some math team swag 4.  Prepare for NSML #4, brushing up on:   frosh: number theory   soph: circlesContinue reading “2023_0117 MATH TEAM”

2022_0517 MATH TEAM

May 15, 2022 10:55 PM The last meeting is upon us this week! Come by 1500/1502 after school for so many reasons!1.  Rubik’s Cube competition!2.  State winning hardware has arrived!  Celebrate team and individual honors3.  Hardware and prizes from other competitions have also arrived!4.  Find out who our next modelers are!5.  Find out who our next leaders are!6. Continue reading “2022_0517 MATH TEAM”