ARTHUR BENJAMIN: 11/17/2020 Math team

Sun, Nov 15, 7:46 PM Dear math team,  Woot!  Big week coming up. Tuesday we will take a small break from our typical preparation and here from Havey Mudd professor and TED speaker, Arthur Benjamin.  His talk will begin around 3:40 and go for about half an hour, so be sure to zoom on in. Continue reading “ARTHUR BENJAMIN: 11/17/2020 Math team”

PROFESSOR PO-SHEN LOH: Math team week of 9/29/2020

Sun, Sep 27, 9:54 PM Let’s go!!! Big week. Monday: Enjoy the day off, because the next few nights are going to be a bit long. Tuesday: Professor Po-Shen Loh will be zooming in to address our math team and the NSML!  Really important that you use this new zoom channel for this Tuesday meeting. Continue reading “PROFESSOR PO-SHEN LOH: Math team week of 9/29/2020”