2021_0921 MATH TEAM

Sun, Sep 19, 2021, 3:48 PM Hello to the 200+ recipients of the MATH TEAM email blast! COMPETITION SEASON INTRODUCTION:This week we will formally begin preparation for our competition seasonOn Tuesday, we will sit and take a paper/pencil exam to not only simulate the test format, but also to help coaches make decisions on whoContinue reading “2021_0921 MATH TEAM”


Sun, Sep 12, 2021, 8:37 PM Ma-maa-maa-maaaaaaaa.math team, MATH TEAM.Ma-ma-ma-ma-maaaaaa Hooray for math team!On Tuesday we meet again!Our speaker from Optiver is pretty pumped to be back on campus after graduating from math team years ago, and I’m excited to hear how his story went on after being a loved member of our math team.Continue reading “2021_0914 MATH TEAM (RECITAL HALL)”

2021_0504 MATH TEAM

Sun, May 2, 10:31 PM It’s unbelievable.   Second to last meeting of the year coming up.  Wow.  Our last guest speaker will be Dr. Dolata of Georgetown University.  He will be giving a talk titled, ““Proving the existence of the atom with high school mathematics.”  Pretty sweet title!  Be sure to zoom in to hear, toContinue reading “2021_0504 MATH TEAM”

2021_0427 MATH TEAM (part 2)

Mon, Apr 26, 9:03 PM What?  It’s still only Monday?Anybody else feeling like they deserve a Friday by now?  At least a Thursday, right?  Well, as a positive note, we do get to have MATH TEAM tomorrow, Tuesday, after school.  That makes me feel better. =) 1.  Guest speaker!As we mentioned before, tomorrow… “we willContinue reading “2021_0427 MATH TEAM (part 2)”

2021_0420 MATH TEAM

Mon, Apr 19, 12:19 PM We meet again, mwuh-ha-haaa-haaaaaaaaaa! That’s right champ, math team is back online.  Hear now the amazing details. 1.  Guest speaker!  Guest speaker! Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker!Who is it going to be?  Well, you’ll have to zoom by to find out!  …but here are some clues.  There willContinue reading “2021_0420 MATH TEAM”