Sun, Jan 2, 2021, 3:28 PM

Happy new year to the 200+ math team folks!

I hope you got a chance to embrace your inner 5 year old and play in the snow.  =)I trust that you all got a chance to relax, rest, and recharge before second semester.I love that we all get a chance to continue to meet.  Especially with how crazy the world is and an entire year of not meeting in person the previous academic year, I do not take for granted the fact that we can meet together.

ok ok ok ok…
For this first day back to school on January 4, 2022, we will not be meeting as a whole group.  The coaches and student leaders that you see in the to: and cc: lines above will be meeting as we organize several events that are coming up.  Here is a highlight, in chronological order, of what we are going to get ready for you.

2/2/2022 Tuesday.  Yes.  The moons have aligned.  The second day of the second month in the 2022nd year is a Tuesday – and it is an NSML event in Evanston IL.  As it is a bus ride, we will be limited to taking only the top 10 in each grade.

2/26/2022 Saturday.  Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) Regional math contest.  We will serve as the host site for Stevenson students interested in competing in the regional and state math contest.

3/10/2022 Thursday.  NSML meet #5.  Normally, over 1000 students from all 50+ schools descend upon Glenbrook South High School in the last NSML event of the year to determine the winner… ummmm-icron, we will see what happens.  =)

4/2/2022 Saturday.  For three consecutive Saturdays, the math team will be hosting a math circle event for our feeder schools.  We will likely be looking for some more volunteers to help run the event, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

4/23/2022 Saturday.  After having to cancel in 2021, we look forward to reinstating the math tournament for our feeder schools – the junior high math tournament!

4/30/2022 Saturday.  The ICTM State math contest will be held on this day.  Location and format to be determined.

So yeah, there are a few logistical items we need to get in order.  In the mean time, please check out the google page for your year as your coach may be posting material for our next NSML event.

thanks and see ya on 1/11


Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 8:14 PM

Oh dearly beloved, 

With finals week upon us, there is no math team this week.  It will give you some time to breathe and to focus on exams.  =)

1.  We appreciate the generosity in, ahem, allowing other teams to move on in the Math Madness – alas, we are out of the tournament.  But really, it is amazing timing.  =)  We would have had to scramble to get in 2 rounds this week while at the same time finishing up the semester… really, … just amazing foresight and generosity… you all never cease to amaze me.  =)  

2.  NSML, on the other hand, ya’ll are crushing.  300 points this past week is tops for the round and allows us to push our lead!  

3.  Though we are not meeting this week, we do have one request.  Will you please fill out this survey?  It will help motivate what we do in the first semester next year and what activities we continue to do in the second semester.

Wow!  It’s the last week of school!  Anybody else pumped?

2021_1207 MATH TEAM

Sun, Dec 5, 2021, 8:27 PM

What’s up Mathletes – and welcome to the new folks to our email distribution list!

Here is a review of some general information for the newcomers:
a.  The people in the to: line of this email are the math team coaches in order of: frosh coach, soph coach, jr coach, sr coach, oralist coach.  Please reach out to the coach for specific questions you may have.  
b.  The folks in the cc: line are the officers of Math Team.  Each person in the cc line is, imho, as brilliant as they are kind.  So feel free to email them with your questions if you prefer.
c.  Then the 200+ folks in the bcc line are the wonderful folks that make up our group.  
d.  A lot of information for MATH TEAM is dispensed on our uber-amazing website: shsmathteam.com  Contests and other resources are housed in the google classroom run by one of the coaches above.

And now to our weekly updates.
0.  We will be meeting in our typical classrooms this week: 
FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506 
JR         1606
SR         1608

1.  Shirts are in!  
Earlier this weekend I emailed the folks who ordered a t-shirt… Collin will be walking around to pass out the swag, just be sure to pass along $12 to him on Tuesday.  And for those who did not get a free Optiver t-shirt from our earlier meeting, we can get you one of those too.  =)  We have a few extras in Mr. Anderson’s 1500 room.

Be a part of the madness this Tuesday at 4:10 PM sharp.  We move on to the Elite-8 against The Davidson Academy in Reno, NV.  Come to test your math skills with competition math questions in a timed environment.  It’s also great practice for future events like the 2-person event for regional and state math competition.  Shout outs to Ben Chen, Brian Shen, Andrew Liu, “Concealed,” Vedant Rathi, Angela Guo, Nathan Ma, Collin Fan, Jaden Chen, Jack Chen, Katherine Li, Aayush Kashyap, Ethan Zhang, Aadit Juneja, Andrey Vlasov, Keona Liu, Michael Ling, Benjamin Prins, Tim Bui, Gabe Visotsky, Evan Lin, Greycen Ren, Ryan Liu, Audrey Hong, Joy Qu, “Concealed,” Caden Zhao, Lillian Wang, Youran Zhu, Eric Tsui, Charles Zhang, G.K., Faizaan Siddique, Evan Fredin, Vidushi Gupta, Tony Liu, Ainika Hou, James Bradley, Raghav Agrawal, Andrew Zhang, Julian Tong, “Concealed,” Aaroh Tak, Shaurya Agrawal, Calvin Hu, Joey Zhu, Kevin Shen, Travis Lin, Diana Tang, and Jeffrey Lu for making it onto the internet – being listed among top scoring students!  It is no wonder that Stevenson is listed as the top scoring school when scoring the topo 5, 10, 15, or 20 students in each school across the nation.  

3.  NSML #3 @Deerfield
There are 47 seats on a bus and 6 coaches, we can take only 42 students, 10 at each grade level and 2 oralists, to Deerfield this week on Thursday … yeah, one of the coaches may have to drive…  If you have not done so yet, be sure to fill out your availability form so that coaches can cross-reference top scoring students with availability of students.  We will make announcements on who will get on the bus with us by Wednesday of this week.  For those selected, expect to be on the bus by 4 PM and to be back at SHS at around 8:45 PM.  We will have dinner on our way to Deerfield… details will be sent later to those selected.
Related to NSML, please be sure to stay on top of asynchronous assignments – it helps coaches make the best decisions possible.

See ya Tuesday! 
3:35 – 4:30
Math Madness begins sharply at 4:10 PM

2021_1130 MATH TEAM

Sun, Nov 28, 2021, 10:16 PM

Greetings to the 222 Mathletes and coaches, 

This week, we will meet again in our typical classrooms broken down by year.
FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506 
JR         1606
SR         1608

To start, we will do some more NSML preparation… NSML #3 @Deerfield High School is next week!  Lots of our work has been async and offline, so be sure to stay on top of your google classroom.  This week, we will have some time for live practice contests and or concept review

Then it is on to the Math Madness.  From Ms. Renken: 

Math Madness: This week is Bracket Round #3 (of 6 total!). Several of you continually rank in the top 100 competitors across the nation. Keep up the great work! This Tuesday at 4:10 pm, we face the Lions from St. Mark’s School of Texas.

So see ya Tuesday!
3:35 – 4:30
Math Madness begins sharply at 4:10 PM

2021_1123 MATH TEAM

Sun, Nov 21, 2021, 10:38 PM

Hello to the 222 recipients of this week’s email blast!

1.  Fresh off the heels of our AMC weeks, we meet again!  And as this is a shortened week (thank you, oh thank you Thanksgiving weekend), we thought it would be a great time to bring the whole gang together!   That’s right, we will all meet in the same room.  ROOM 2104

Together we will go over some NSML announcements, look at problems as a group (at all levels), and go over some strategies to take down certain AMC questions.  Our very own leaders will break down how they do some problems.  Woot!

2.  This week, we are off for Math Madness due to the holiday week.  Despite what the Daily Digest printed last week, we are the 1 seed of the tournament and crushing through the contest in these early rounds!
Our Sweet16 competition will be on November 30th, where it looks like we will go head to head with St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas, TX.   A little more poking around and you will find BEN CHEN is the top player in the league!  Shoutouts to all those on the page https://www.aretelabs.com/math_madness/66/rankings

1. Ben Chen
6. Brian Shen
15. Andrew Liu
30. “Concealed” SHS student…. I suppose ya’ll can pretend to your friends that this is you… 
34. Angela Guo
72. Jaden Chen
79. Vedant Rathi
80. Nathan Ma
87. Katherine Li
104. Ethan Zhang
Aayush Kashyap, Spandan Goel, Jack Chen, Collin Fan, Aadit Juneja, Michael Ling, Evan Lin, Andrey Vlasov, Keona Liu, Gabe Visotsky, Greycen Ren, Joy Qu, Caden Zhao, Ben Prins, Tim Bui, Lillian Wang, Ryan Liu, Youran Zhu, another Concealed student, Audrey Hong, Faizaan Siddique, Andrew Zhang, Aaroh Tak, Evan Fredin, Vidushi Gupta, Gyeongwu Kim, Ainka Hou, Calvin Hu, Julian Tong, Raghav Agrawal, Tony Liu, yet another concealed SHS student, Shaurya Agrawal, Joey Zhu, Travis Lin, Mark Yang, Kevin Shen, Smriti Kumar, Noah Kim, Diana Tang, Jeffrey Lu,  …

yikes… that’s a lot of you… way to go!  way to be on ther internet!

See you Tuesday!
Room 2104
3:35 – 4:30ish


2021_1109 MATH TEAM

Sun, Nov 7, 2021, 10:24 PM

A big smile and hello to the 225 recipients of our weekly email blast!

Like usual, there are a few new members that are added to our distribution list each week, and we welcome you!  There are also a few extra folks on our email just this week.  They are (in alphabetical order) Mr. Goergen, Ms. Juckett, Ms. Patten, and Ms. Schroeder.  I want to give the four of them a big public shout out for all they do to help out our group!  Without them we would have no places to meet, no busses to get us anywhere, no advertisements for our group, no money for our events… basically we would all be walking around Stevenson High School with a big math shaped hole in our hearts without their support.  So just wanted to give you some love this week in our blast.  =)

1.  NSML https://nsml.org/statistics/ranked/cumulative/2/
Who dat?  Take a look at the standings to see that the SHS MATH TEAM stands on top of the NSML mountain!  We are only two competitions in with three to go – so there is still work to be done.  But take heart in knowing your efforts are not in vain!  It’s exciting that we are all learning a few topics each week, practicing questions, and also seeing positive results.  Our next event is on December 9 at Deerfield high school.  Check out your google classroom for more details about your topics

2.  Math Madness https://www.aretelabs.com/math_madness/66/rankings
Woot!  Sort it however you want: 5, 10, 15, or 20 students at a time, and the SHS MATH TEAM stands on top of the 148 schools involved in the competition across the nation.  The single elimination bracket style competition among the top 64 schools starts this week Tuesday during our regularly schedule meeting, at 4 PM.  We are up against Pullman High School near Washington State University.  Be sure to have a charged iPad and your login credentials ready.

3.  AMC
The AMC A competition is this week, Wednesday after school!  Registered students, be on the lookout for an email from Mr. Anderson with room details.  Resources are in the google classroom for your preparation.  Remember, this is the first leg of the journey.  We hope that many of you will qualify for the AIME then on to the USAMO and (gasp) then on to MOP!   (Yeah, lots of acronyms to potentially google in this third announcement

4.  INTEGIRLS https://sites.google.com/integirls.org/integirlschicago/home
One of our very own, Angela Guo is leading the Chicago team for Integirls… this is another new competition for us this year… and hey, new ideas need friends!  Check out the website for more details, and email Angela if you are interested in forming a team.  It’s free!  and there are prizes!  She really really wants you to give this a try. =)  email her!  angguo24@students.d125.org

5.  Any other math idea you have your eye on?  We are always looking at different opportunities and competitions to try.  If there is something that catches your eye, let us know!  you can email any of the student leaders in the cc line or the coach of your particular year.  

6.  At some point soon, we want to get the whole gang together.  So keep an eye out for when we will meet all together again in 2104…  

7.  … but for now, see ya Tuesday in our typical rooms

3:35 – 4:30

FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506
JR         1606
SR         1608
Math Madness begins sharply at 4 PM


2021_1026 MATH TEAM

Sun, Oct 24, 2021, 6:45 PM

Welcome mathletes!  …and a special welcome to our fall athletes who will be able to join us, perhaps for the first time!

1.  NSML #2 will be upon us next week!  As we are one of the 11 host sites for NSML #2, we should be able to accommodate many of you.  Still, to maintain social distancing, we may have to limit the number of participants.  We will reserve seats for contestants and official alternates, but we hope to have a seat for everyone else who may wish to come.  Coaches will confirm your ability to participate, depending on demand.
Please fill out the form now if you would like to participate in NSML #2!
You will be notified to confirm your seat. =)
Tuesday, we will begin our meeting by doing more NSML practice in our rooms:
frosh: 1500/1502 (Anderson)
soph: 1506 (pk)
jr: 1606 (Renken)
sr: 1608 (Tollefson)

2.   After our NSML prep, we will work through the madness.  The first of two qualifying rounds for the national Math Madness competition will determine if we are in the top bracket or lower brackets.  After the second qualifying round next week, we will find out which bracket we are in and what seed we will be as we fill our spot on the bracket-style competition.  Be sure to block off a little extra time Tuesday as we may have to run into 4:45 to give you full time on the contest.

3.  Be sure to work through the AMC material prepared by our student leaders.  The material is available to you via the google classroom.

4.  If there is more news I forgot to mention, I’ll send over another email before we meet on …



2021_1011 MATH TEAM

Mon, Oct 11, 2021, 7:39 PM

Let us co-labor together!

This week is a 100% let’s get better at math day.  The goal will be to give help or receive help, to say “thank you” or to receive the thanks of others.

1.  We will begin in our groups by year to work through problems related to NSML.  We’ll look at problems and learn strategies together.
2.  We will work through MATH MADNESS promptly at 4 in groups!  This round is explicitly a “collaboration round” where students are meant to work together.  Starting right at 4 will ensure that those who need to catch a bus will be able to do so.

Hope you loved your day off.  =) … and now we have a short week! =) =)

See ya tomorrow:
3:30 – 4:30
1500/1502 and the rooms around there. 

2021_1005 MATH TEAM

Sun, Oct 3, 2021, 4:10 PM

Greetings to the 229 recipients of the MATH TEAM weekly news blast!

Every week, we seem to add a few new members – welcome!For those of you we have not seen in a while, we’re here when you are ready to come back and do some excellent, elegant, luxurious math.  =)  

1.  NSML
Hopefully you saw the shoutout on the daily digest about our great start to the competition season.  Congrats to the 41 students who got on the bus and the hundred pus behind them that have pushed them to be excellent.  It is a team win for all of us.  They did not win, WE win.  This week we will begin to formally introduce our second unit of study for NSML 2:

Freshmen: NO CALCULATOR. Number Bases: May include conversion and computation in different bases (bases from 2 to 16); finding the base given some information. 

Sophomores:NO CALCULATOR. Logic, Sets, and Venn Diagrams: Notation, intersection, unions, subsets, empty set, complements, universal set, cardinality (number of elements) of a set, solution sets, and number of subsets. Should include classic type Venn diagram problems involving how many things are in various intersections. Emphasis for logic is on using logic, not formal vocabulary. No truth tables.

JuniorsNO CALCULATOR. Polynomials: May include factor, remainder, and rational root theorems; Descartes’ Rule of Signs; upper/lower bounds of roots; coefficient analysis; determining polynomials given various information. 

Seniors:NO CALCULATOR. Theory of Equations: Including factor, remainder, and rational root theorems, upper bounds, coefficient analysis, DesCartes’ Rule of Signs, synthetic division, complex roots, and determining equations given various info. Possible sources: Advanced Mathematics by Richard G. Brown, or some older Pre-Calculus texts.

That’s a lot of information beyond what we traditionally teach in our SHS math classes.  

And here’s the thing about NSML #2: SHS is one of the 11 sites across the league.  This means that we can accommodate as many of you that want to come!  So block out November 3rd on your calendar so we can MATHamos!

2.  MATH MADNESSMath Madness is upon us! This week we will participate in a practice round. Everyone who has signed up for Math Madness via our Google Form must now create a profile on Arete Labs.

3.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!On top of these two competitions that are open to all of us, we want to introduce a few more opportunities and gauge what kind of interest there is.

So meet us Tuesday, October 51500/1502 to start, and then look for room signs as we split up into grade levels3:35 – 4:45… yeah, a little later to accommodate some new competitions… if you have to leave early to catch the bus, we understand, but if you can stay, great!

-.– — ..- / .-. — -.-. -.- / .- – / — .- – …. / .- -. -.. / .– . / .-.. — — -.- / ..-. — .-. .– .- .-. -.. / – — / … . . .. -. –. / -.– — ..- -.-.–