Tuesday + You = Math team

Wed, Aug 12, 6:56 AM

Good morning mathematician!

Can you believe it?!  The last time all of Stevenson was in the building was 153 days ago on March 12.  You should try to calculate how many zoom calls ago that was…

Well, Math team lives on and our first meeting will be on Tuesday, August 18 at 3:35.

There we will introduce the format for the year and the competitions that we plan to participate in.  It will be nice to see your faces again.  =)

Expect a separate email in the coming days from the point person for each year.  They are:

FROSH: Anderson 

SOPH:  Kim

JR:  Renken

SR:  Tollefson 

See ya Tuesday!

zoom link: 92119341972


Mathletes assemble!!!

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