11/4/2020 Math team

Fri, Oct 30, 10:55 PM

To our beloved math team, 

Opening congratulations.

It looks like the first qualifying round of the national Math Madness has concluded, and we are up on the leaderboard!  

Taking the top 5 scoring students at a time, we are 100% accurate and in 6th place!

And when taking the top 10 scoring students at a time, we are 96% accurate and in 3rd place!

Going 20 students deep, we are in fourth place.  

I love that so many of us are participating.  Thank you to Mr. Anderson for organizing along with the other math team coaches.  Poke around on their website and you may even find your name. =)


Mid-game responsibilities.

As we prepare for our week to come, please fill out the following google form:


It tells us your intentions to:

1. Participate in NSML #2 on Wednesday around 6 PM

2. Participate in the second math madness round on Wednesday at 5:20 PM

For NSML, your coach will confirm via email the specific time slot and zoom link you will be testing at, but assume it to be similar to last time.

End-game scenarios

Hey, just enjoy the long weekend!  …well, it’s just one hour longer than normal, but I will gladly take it.  It should be nice out Saturday, go for a walk, enjoy the fall colors, show kindness to another.



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