12/1/2020 Math Team

Mon, Nov 30, 11:25 PM


It’s December and we are still staring at screens!  Yikes…

Well, if I have to stare at screens, I’m glad it can be together with you fellas.

Tomorrow we will run through some announcements and then do some last minute nsml prep.

Remember, our NSML event is Wednesday… if you will be participating, be sure to fill out this link:


We will likely announce contestants and such in our breakout rooms.

Then at about 4:05 we will press on to Madness and glory. 

I’m really proud of you guys and excited for all the problems you are being exposed to, strategies you are learning, and minor victories you are able to have along the way.

See ya tomorrow in zoom room: band-aid boom, rude bacon 

Tuesday. 12/1/2020

3:35 – 4:25ish



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