Mon, Dec 14, 1:11 PM

Hark! I bring to you a message of good cheer!  

… really, I’m forwarding an email from Mr. Anderson

For when you wake again, Math Team will be here!

… really, it’s not full on math team, it’s math madness glory

So make haste! oh vile evening, and bring to us a new day!

… yeah, we really want to see you zoom in tomorrow.

And now, Mr. Anderson:

Let’s put this in writing: Precision over pace but integrity over all of it!

We have advanced to the final rounds against the toughest remaining teams in the tournament!  We will meet TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15th 1:35-3 PM.   Your last possible final on this day would be ending at 1:25, so you would have 10-minute break before joining our normal zoom meeting.

Here is the code:

You may be wondering why it is such a wide time range.  We are now in the top 4 and we will actually complete with the championship questions after our final 4 round questions. We will do one 30-minute competition, ensure all the work is submitted, then complete the second 30-minute competition and make sure all the work is submitted before you leave.

Tell your friends and make sure you reserve this time.  The depth of our team is our strength, so we need everybody to be there.  That is right: EVERYBODY.  How many bodies? Every BODY!

Final note:  With the level of honor to be in the top 4, we must continue to share our work for these problems.  Last time some students still did not identify their answers from their work clearly.  Please box the answer you submit.  If you did the problem in your mind, write “I did this in my mind. ANSWER: 5″  Let’s make this improvement.  It will make my work much easier and prevent any team from challenging our results.

I look forward to another opportunity to think about math!  If there is something I missed, please let me know.

pk and ea and et. al.

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