2021_0119 math team!

Mon, Jan 18, 10:15 PM

Happy MLK day!

I hope that your mind and body are well rested as we come back to school this week… for some of you, literally.

Though some may be coming into the building tomorrow, we will continue to meet remotely via zoom, and for now, we will also meet at the same time.  If you will have to zoom in late, no worries… dial in if you can, or just meet up with us when you get home again.  All this is new, and we’ll figure things out as we go.  But to be clear: there is no in person meeting – we will meet via zoom.

We ended 2020 by winning a national math competition together, now we focus on our region with NSML and then our state with ICTM.  Accordingly, tomorrow we will spend:1.  8% of our time on opening remarks2.  100% of our dedication to NSML 4 topicsD.  70% of our extra mental capacity in outlining the extra ICTM events
=)  It’s late. I’m tired. 

See ya’ll tomorrow!


3:40 – 4:30ish


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