2021_0302 Math team

Sun, Feb 28, 5:59 PM

How great is a four day weekend!

I hope you are enjoying a time of rest and perhaps a time for some recreational math or competition math.  

Our next math meeting is in March… it was March when school was last in session in a pre-pandemic world.  Isn’t it crazy that we have existed in this masked way for a whole year?  While there have been many real and significant difficulties during this time, I am grateful for what has continued to be a part of our lives.

We all as coaches are grateful for you and are so proud of you guys. 

This week, we will participate in the last NSML event of the year!
Pressure is a privilege friends.  We have a chance to do something special here.  So please work through practice problems that your coaches send you, and prepare yourself to be the best you can be!  Compete against yourself to beat or tie your best score for an NSML event this year!  And if you have never officially come out to an NSML event, I want to invite you again to compete with us!  Sometimes we must dare to try new things…

Fill out the form to confirm your participation on Thursday, 3/4, at 6 PM.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYcyMNiZbrgxBNu10VKKAF3FHOutkRwYjiaTT3Gp_H8tz6ng/viewform?usp=sf_link

On Tuesday, we will go through some last preparations and practice problems for this NSML event, and run through some ICTM team competitions as well.We will also discuss our plans for taking the state math contest during our zoom call.

Be well and enjoy the day off tomorrow!

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