2021_0316 Math Team: ICTM news and prep

Sun, Mar 14, 2:38 PM

Greetings to the esteemed math team of Stevenson High School, 

Harken and turn your ear to the following decrees!

1.  Come one, come all.
In a normal year, we have to make tough cuts, touch choices.  Logistically there are only so many people we can load onto a bus, and the state has restrictions on the number of participants at each level.  BUT THIS YEAR, in a virtual environment, any student may participate.  At Stevenson, we invite you to participate in this state contest, but we need to confirm your intention to do so.  Only students who have filled out this google form will have state material distributed to them.  No exceptions.  Registration will close at 4:30 on Tuesday.
Our plan is:
Wednesday 6 PM: Individual contests followed by calculator contest
Thursday lunch: f/s 8p
Thursday evening: j/s 8p
NO EXCEPTIONS to these times unless stated by us or the state.

2.  Be on guard!
The State math contest this year will be released over a large span of time.  Rather than an on site exam that is released at one time, schools across the state are allowed to take contests as soon as tomorrow and up until Thursday. 
DO NOT seek to find the contest outside of the times we will dispense the exam at Stevenson.  Do not engage in conversation about the exam before, during or even after you take the contest.  Remember, other students in the state will be looking to take the contest after us.  Stay off of social media, do not post problems, do not post solutions… be paranoid!  See danger in every corner and take cover!  Think that ICTM spies will temp you and try to tell you about the test, and flee!  After the exam, hide your work.  Assume the highest levels of scrutiny will be placed on your interaction with this contest, and be above reproach.  

3.  Prepare thyself.
As we stated last week, ahem, cramming makes a difference!  Keep running through old state contests and work on pace.  Find questions you dropped and study solutions.  Clan up with others and study through problems together.  Your work today will make a difference tomorrow.  Our last group meeting before the state contest will be Tuesday in our typical meeting… see ya then!

3:40 – 4:30

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