2021-0406 Math Team

Mon, Apr 5, 12:17 PM


So today is Monday, the first day where SHS students can come back to school and stay all day.  If you have not come into the building, my anecdotal evidence suggests that the number of students in the building is 3x, where x is the average number of students that have been coming in since hybrid learning began… it’s a little bonkers.

Math team will continue to meet virtually, and exclusively in that way until we advise you otherwise.  We’ll see how these next few weeks work out and then re-evaluate the decision.

Moving on to our meeting this week.
With our competition season officially done, we move back to reinvestment mode.  This week our guest speaker is a fellow who is currently finishing their master’s degree in computer science.  It is not by coincidence that some of our top math team students go on to be computer science majors – the intersection between these two fields of study is quite large.  

Bring your questions, bring your curiosity, and zoom on by to see how computer science may or may not become a large part of your future.

Tuesday3:40 – 4:20ish

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