9/8/2020 Math Team meeting

Mon, Sep 7, 8:29 PM

Math team… ASSEMBLE!

Oh my, that three day weekend was very necessary… and the best thing about Monday off, is the short week ahead.  =)

Let’s start the school week off right and do some math team after school!

3:35 – 4:25


This week, we will have special lecturers: 

“Live from New Haven!”

A couple of our former math team members will give a talk on their studies and share some problems.  Want to know what it’s like to be a math major?  Want to hear about some college math?  Curious about campus life at ____?  What do math majors go on to do?  Got other questions?  

Zoooom in!!!

After their talk, we’ll have some Q and A (type into the chat), and then we will break out into our grade levels to do some focused study and work.

Get pumped!  We’re excited when you come!  Come in to listen and learn, come to give help and share insights.


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