9/15/2020 Math Team

Mon, Sep 14, 10:10 PM

Team Math.

September is amazing, no?  Cooler weather, school has a rhythm to it, sports on tv again, and a growing math community… life is grand.

In fact, let me run through all of September for you

Last week we heard from some math majors from Yale

This week is our ONLY week to wholly focus on NSML preparation.

Then we have some sweet speakers in back to back weeks.  Pretty pumped… but let’s focus on the week ahead of us.

This week we will do a quick problem together then go to our breakout rooms to prep for NSML #1.  In each room, we will work through problems and work through how we will submit work in a timed environment to satisfy NSML requirements.

So see ya tomorrow, 3:35 – 4:25 



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