Math team! 9/22/2020

Mon, Sep 21, 9:09 PM

Hello hello hello!

I’m pretty excited about our next few days!

Tomorrow 9/22, we have Patrick Renken zooming in to speak to us.  What does an actuary really do?  How does one become an actuary?  Why would one want to be an actuary?  Like Mrs. Renken said last week, folks that are big brain in math know that academia is an option, maybe a job in finance – we would like to see if actuarial science can be added to this list.

Tomorrow is also our last time to meet and prepare for NSML #1, our first competition event next week Wednesday.  We will break out into our rooms by year to do some final practice and final testing.  It is very important that you are available tomorrow so that we can put our best team forward.

Also please fill out this form to confirm your intentions for NSML #1

Why will tomorrow be our last time to do some NSML prep?  Because next week Tuesday, our speaker will be taking the entire hour during their talk.  I’ll fill you in during our meeting tomorrow. =)

See ya zooming tomorrow at 3:35.


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