ARTHUR BENJAMIN: 11/17/2020 Math team

Sun, Nov 15, 7:46 PM

Dear math team, 

Woot!  Big week coming up.

Tuesday we will take a small break from our typical preparation and here from Havey Mudd professor and TED speaker, Arthur Benjamin.  His talk will begin around 3:40 and go for about half an hour, so be sure to zoom on in.  The majority of his time will be on mental math… should be fun!

After our time with the professor, we will spend about 15 minutes in our breakout rooms to prepare for NSML #3.  Remember, we are literally one four point question away from first place!  Every single question counts, and we want to put ourselves in the best position to perform well.  

Then, we continue in the madness!  After the first official round, Stevenson is….. ranked first!

But remember, each week is single elimination against the school that we compete in.  This week we compete against Diamond Bar High School of Diamond Bar, California. We will likely begin the madness around 4:35, so please try your best to stay with for a longer Tuesday event.  If you need to register, please be sure to contact Mr. Anderson or Ms. Renken.

I leave ya’ll with a couple tidbits.  

1.  Each week we seem to add a few more people to our email distribution list.  It’s encouraging that more and more people are reaching out to be a part of math team.  Big hello and welcome to newcomers this week!

2.  Do. More. Problems!  Each week I also seem to get an email asking, what can I do to get better?  It really is simple.  Do more problems.  Your NSML coach probably has given you a bunch of problems, and every AMC and AIME contest for the past few decades can easily be found online with worked out solutions.  So after completing your NSML problem sets, why not just work systematically through AMC contests?  I suggest starting with the year you were born, and work every problem, read up on solutions, and keep going until you get to 2020.  I suggest dedicating a notebook to this work, or keeping well organized notability documents.  Personally I prefer doing problems on paper, but I’m quickly appreciating the colors, highlighters, and shape tools as I do geometry problems digitally.  Find what works for you, and JUST DO PROBLEMS!

I’ll email again Tuesday morning to remind you of the meeting… until then, enjoy doing some recreational math on your own!

Math Team

Tuesdays. 3:35 – 4:25+


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