2021_0420 MATH TEAM

Mon, Apr 19, 12:19 PM

We meet again, mwuh-ha-haaa-haaaaaaaaaa!

That’s right champ, math team is back online.  Hear now the amazing details.

1.  Guest speaker!  Guest speaker! Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker!Who is it going to be?  Well, you’ll have to zoom by to find out!  …but here are some clues.  There will actually be a couple speakers.  Both of these individuals are recent graduates of SHS, and thusly they are both at university.  They both attend a university that I’m pretty sure any math team kid would happily go to if accepted.  One of our speakers was born on a Tuesday, the other a Wednesday 22 days later.  Together they have 20 fingers, 4 eyes, 4 knees.  I know, I’m making it too obvious.  Their talk will cover various topics including gambling, cryptography, and randomness.  Come check it out.

2.  The M3C team selection for next year will be announced tomorrow, with sign up information described in our meeting.  Be a math hero like these fellas here:Emily, James, Brandon, Sai, Praneet, Andrew, Joy (who apparently is mostly clear and chilly), Spandan, Greycen, and Gabe.

Tuesday3:40 – 4:20ish

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