2021_0427 MATH TEAM

Wed, Apr 21, 11:21 AM

Don’t worry… 
It’s not Monday.  This email is just crazy early.  We want to get some information out there in case you missed it yesterday

1.  M3C
Be part of the legacy!  Come and submit your application to be part of the next M3 Team!  The deadline to signup is this Friday, April 23.

2.  MIT
We hope you enjoyed the talk by Philena and Emily this week, recent math team graduates that are now living the math dream at MIT.  Next week, we will continue our time in Cambridge by hearing from Evan Chen, PhD student at MIT and one of the United States math olympiad coaches. Woot!  Shout out to Andrew Liu who connected us with this speaker.  Andrew has taken a course with Evan and says that he has a really great style of teaching.  Evan is also the team selection coordinator for US olympic team, so it may be nice to get some face time with him.  =)  So block off your schedule and zoom on by.  Of note, I do want to explain my muted screen – I’m in a gym yelling at volleyball players, so while I will be tuning in, I won’t be able to fully participate like I normally do.

Have a great little break today, and let’s continue to invest in ourselves – working to be the best we can be and contributing to make the best math team in the region, state, nation, internationally, and the universe.  =)

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