2021_0427 MATH TEAM (part 2)

Mon, Apr 26, 9:03 PM

What?  It’s still only Monday?Anybody else feeling like they deserve a Friday by now?  At least a Thursday, right?  Well, as a positive note, we do get to have MATH TEAM tomorrow, Tuesday, after school.  That makes me feel better. =)

1.  Guest speaker!As we mentioned before, tomorrow… “we will continue our time in Cambridge by hearing from Evan Chen, PhD student at MIT and one of the United States math olympiad coaches. Woot!  Shout out to Andrew Liu who connected us with this speaker.  Andrew has taken a course with Evan and says that he has a really great style of teaching.  Evan is also the team selection coordinator for US Olympic team, so it may be nice to get some face time with him.  =)”   His talk will begin with modular arithmetic and complex numbers as he walks up to higher math.  So block off your schedule and zoom on by.  It is a real honor to have a world class mathematician come by and speak for our group.

2.  M3ConclusionWith a deep, tired breath the entire SHS m3 team collectively exhales.  It is a long sigh that is equally satisfaction and tiredness from the a tremendous outpouring of effort.  Congratulations to the senior team of Praneet, Emily, James, Brandon, and Sai along with the junior team of Spandan, Anderw, Joy, Greycen, and Gabe.  Today both teams successfully defended their work before professors and professional mathematicians.  And though they did not walk away with the top prize, the two teams take home a combined $13,500 in scholarship money along with an incredibly unique experience.  We also want to acknowledge the team of Daniel Brin, Sravani Bhamidipaty, Brady Rivkin, and Lillian You.  They competed unofficially and served as a pilot study for the M3C group.  This third team also competed in the MCM math modeling competition this year.  

Selection for the m3 team next year will continue this weekend for those students that signed up.

Take care and we’ll see you on zoom tomorrow

Tuesday3:40 – 4:20ish

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