2021_0504 MATH TEAM

Sun, May 2, 10:31 PM

It’s unbelievable.   Second to last meeting of the year coming up.  Wow.  Our last guest speaker will be Dr. Dolata of Georgetown University.  He will be giving a talk titled, ““Proving the existence of the atom with high school mathematics.”  Pretty sweet title!  Be sure to zoom in to hear, to be inspired, to enjoy a talk from big brain people.  =)

In our last meeting on May 11, we will be formally “handing out” awards that we have been gathering throughout the year, recognizing students for their achievements, telling you where to pick up some physical awards you may have won, and announcing the new M3C team for next year – it’s AWARDS DAY!    We’ll also share some other announcements and give some parting words.

Woot!  Anybody else getting that summer feeling?

Tuesday3:40 – 4:30ish

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