MATH TEAM 2021_0831

Sun, Aug 29, 8:14 PM

Happy September eve!!!

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, come on by to MATH TEAM as we say goodbye to August and hello to September… 

This week we will:
0.  Get to hear from some alumni of math team.
1.  Spend a fair amount of time with the math team folks that are at our grade level.  We hope that you can learn a bunch of names and build some community with the folks in your year, some of the math team leaders, and your math team coach:     
Freshmen – Mr. Anderson     
Sophomores – Mr. Kim     
Juniors – Ms. Renken     
Seniors – Ms. Tollefson
2.  Prepare for and learn how to qualify for our first contest of the year: The North Suburban Math League competition #1.
3.  Win at life together.

TUESDAY, August 31, 2021
ROOM 2104
3:35 – 4:30

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