2021_0907 MATH TEAM

Tue, Sep 7, 10:52 AM

Well, no, we do not have MATH TEAM today.
But in order to solidify in your mind that TUESday is MATHday, I wanted to reach out and give you some math team news!

1.  GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  If you are not on a google classroom, you will not have access to the specific announcements, resources, and contests that we want to provide you with.  Be sure to be in; Sign in!  Your coach may also be assigning some material for you this week, so be sure to check out the classroom. (check email for links)

2.  AMC.  The first step for any student who has participated in the United States of America Math Olympiad is to take the American Mathematics Competition, the AMC.   The Stevenson MATH TEAM is excited to host and pay for you to sit for this exam.  To help us find the correct number of rooms and order the correct number of contests, we need you to sign up.  The deadline for signups is September 21. (check email for sign-up link)

3.  OPTIVER.  Next week, we have a former SHS math team alum coming in person to talk about his experience in math team and how he leverages his math abilities at Optiver, a multi-billion dollar market maker.  Be sure to free up your Tuesday next week to hear one career option for your big brain. =)

May the math be with you, pk

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