2021_1005 MATH TEAM

Sun, Oct 3, 2021, 4:10 PM

Greetings to the 229 recipients of the MATH TEAM weekly news blast!

Every week, we seem to add a few new members – welcome!For those of you we have not seen in a while, we’re here when you are ready to come back and do some excellent, elegant, luxurious math.  =)  

1.  NSML
Hopefully you saw the shoutout on the daily digest about our great start to the competition season.  Congrats to the 41 students who got on the bus and the hundred pus behind them that have pushed them to be excellent.  It is a team win for all of us.  They did not win, WE win.  This week we will begin to formally introduce our second unit of study for NSML 2:

Freshmen: NO CALCULATOR. Number Bases: May include conversion and computation in different bases (bases from 2 to 16); finding the base given some information. 

Sophomores:NO CALCULATOR. Logic, Sets, and Venn Diagrams: Notation, intersection, unions, subsets, empty set, complements, universal set, cardinality (number of elements) of a set, solution sets, and number of subsets. Should include classic type Venn diagram problems involving how many things are in various intersections. Emphasis for logic is on using logic, not formal vocabulary. No truth tables.

JuniorsNO CALCULATOR. Polynomials: May include factor, remainder, and rational root theorems; Descartes’ Rule of Signs; upper/lower bounds of roots; coefficient analysis; determining polynomials given various information. 

Seniors:NO CALCULATOR. Theory of Equations: Including factor, remainder, and rational root theorems, upper bounds, coefficient analysis, DesCartes’ Rule of Signs, synthetic division, complex roots, and determining equations given various info. Possible sources: Advanced Mathematics by Richard G. Brown, or some older Pre-Calculus texts.

That’s a lot of information beyond what we traditionally teach in our SHS math classes.  

And here’s the thing about NSML #2: SHS is one of the 11 sites across the league.  This means that we can accommodate as many of you that want to come!  So block out November 3rd on your calendar so we can MATHamos!

2.  MATH MADNESSMath Madness is upon us! This week we will participate in a practice round. Everyone who has signed up for Math Madness via our Google Form must now create a profile on Arete Labs.

3.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!On top of these two competitions that are open to all of us, we want to introduce a few more opportunities and gauge what kind of interest there is.

So meet us Tuesday, October 51500/1502 to start, and then look for room signs as we split up into grade levels3:35 – 4:45… yeah, a little later to accommodate some new competitions… if you have to leave early to catch the bus, we understand, but if you can stay, great!

-.– — ..- / .-. — -.-. -.- / .- – / — .- – …. / .- -. -.. / .– . / .-.. — — -.- / ..-. — .-. .– .- .-. -.. / – — / … . . .. -. –. / -.– — ..- -.-.–


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