2021_0928 MATH TEAM

Sun, Sep 26, 2021, 10:46 PM

Hear, all ye fellow mathematicians! Hear what we have in store this week!

Monday: By this time, there will be plenty of material made available to you via the google classroom.  We are on our final tune-up for the first NSML event of the year.  Again, the NSML is the North Suburban Math League.  Around the country, there are pockets of schools with a great concentration of math talent.  You got your east coast schools around top universities, west coast schools around Silicon Valley, some schools in Texas boast some talent, and right up there with them all are schools in the Chicagoland area.  It is a great fortune that we can be in the heart of some solid math students because you do your best work when you have great competitors.

Tuesday: MATH TEAM DAY!  We will again meet in 1500/1502 and nearby adjacent rooms.  We hope to sit early to read through questions and then debrief them in our groups.  By Tuesday evening, you will receive an email if you are invited to come to the first meet.  Remember, we can only bring 10 students per year to each NSML event, so coaches select students based on participation and scores among other factors.

Wednesday: For those selected to come, our bus will leave from Lot B at 4PM.  See the permission form for details about dinner and timing.  Remember to bring some cash for dinner, and it is advisable to order ahead via an app if you are tech savvy enough to do so.  Scores across the 50+ schools should be released at about 9:00 PM that same evening!

In order to be part of the fun:
1.  Be sure you have a permission form on file (see your google classroom)
2.  Be sure you are completing all practices, competitions, and showing up on Tuesdays!  Coming on Tuesday and filling out the 5-star attendance form ensures that our roster is up to date and eligible.
3.  Be sure your interest form is complete.  116 of you have already done so.  =)

To the 228 folks on this email, we bid you a wonderful evening, and we hope to see you later this week

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