2021_1026 MATH TEAM

Sun, Oct 24, 2021, 6:45 PM

Welcome mathletes!  …and a special welcome to our fall athletes who will be able to join us, perhaps for the first time!

1.  NSML #2 will be upon us next week!  As we are one of the 11 host sites for NSML #2, we should be able to accommodate many of you.  Still, to maintain social distancing, we may have to limit the number of participants.  We will reserve seats for contestants and official alternates, but we hope to have a seat for everyone else who may wish to come.  Coaches will confirm your ability to participate, depending on demand.
Please fill out the form now if you would like to participate in NSML #2!
You will be notified to confirm your seat. =)
Tuesday, we will begin our meeting by doing more NSML practice in our rooms:
frosh: 1500/1502 (Anderson)
soph: 1506 (pk)
jr: 1606 (Renken)
sr: 1608 (Tollefson)

2.   After our NSML prep, we will work through the madness.  The first of two qualifying rounds for the national Math Madness competition will determine if we are in the top bracket or lower brackets.  After the second qualifying round next week, we will find out which bracket we are in and what seed we will be as we fill our spot on the bracket-style competition.  Be sure to block off a little extra time Tuesday as we may have to run into 4:45 to give you full time on the contest.

3.  Be sure to work through the AMC material prepared by our student leaders.  The material is available to you via the google classroom.

4.  If there is more news I forgot to mention, I’ll send over another email before we meet on …



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