2021_1109 MATH TEAM

Sun, Nov 7, 2021, 10:24 PM

A big smile and hello to the 225 recipients of our weekly email blast!

Like usual, there are a few new members that are added to our distribution list each week, and we welcome you!  There are also a few extra folks on our email just this week.  They are (in alphabetical order) Mr. Goergen, Ms. Juckett, Ms. Patten, and Ms. Schroeder.  I want to give the four of them a big public shout out for all they do to help out our group!  Without them we would have no places to meet, no busses to get us anywhere, no advertisements for our group, no money for our events… basically we would all be walking around Stevenson High School with a big math shaped hole in our hearts without their support.  So just wanted to give you some love this week in our blast.  =)

1.  NSML https://nsml.org/statistics/ranked/cumulative/2/
Who dat?  Take a look at the standings to see that the SHS MATH TEAM stands on top of the NSML mountain!  We are only two competitions in with three to go – so there is still work to be done.  But take heart in knowing your efforts are not in vain!  It’s exciting that we are all learning a few topics each week, practicing questions, and also seeing positive results.  Our next event is on December 9 at Deerfield high school.  Check out your google classroom for more details about your topics

2.  Math Madness https://www.aretelabs.com/math_madness/66/rankings
Woot!  Sort it however you want: 5, 10, 15, or 20 students at a time, and the SHS MATH TEAM stands on top of the 148 schools involved in the competition across the nation.  The single elimination bracket style competition among the top 64 schools starts this week Tuesday during our regularly schedule meeting, at 4 PM.  We are up against Pullman High School near Washington State University.  Be sure to have a charged iPad and your login credentials ready.

3.  AMC
The AMC A competition is this week, Wednesday after school!  Registered students, be on the lookout for an email from Mr. Anderson with room details.  Resources are in the google classroom for your preparation.  Remember, this is the first leg of the journey.  We hope that many of you will qualify for the AIME then on to the USAMO and (gasp) then on to MOP!   (Yeah, lots of acronyms to potentially google in this third announcement

4.  INTEGIRLS https://sites.google.com/integirls.org/integirlschicago/home
One of our very own, Angela Guo is leading the Chicago team for Integirls… this is another new competition for us this year… and hey, new ideas need friends!  Check out the website for more details, and email Angela if you are interested in forming a team.  It’s free!  and there are prizes!  She really really wants you to give this a try. =)  email her!  angguo24@students.d125.org

5.  Any other math idea you have your eye on?  We are always looking at different opportunities and competitions to try.  If there is something that catches your eye, let us know!  you can email any of the student leaders in the cc line or the coach of your particular year.  

6.  At some point soon, we want to get the whole gang together.  So keep an eye out for when we will meet all together again in 2104…  

7.  … but for now, see ya Tuesday in our typical rooms

3:35 – 4:30

FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506
JR         1606
SR         1608
Math Madness begins sharply at 4 PM


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