2021_1130 MATH TEAM

Sun, Nov 28, 2021, 10:16 PM

Greetings to the 222 Mathletes and coaches, 

This week, we will meet again in our typical classrooms broken down by year.
FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506 
JR         1606
SR         1608

To start, we will do some more NSML preparation… NSML #3 @Deerfield High School is next week!  Lots of our work has been async and offline, so be sure to stay on top of your google classroom.  This week, we will have some time for live practice contests and or concept review

Then it is on to the Math Madness.  From Ms. Renken: 

Math Madness: This week is Bracket Round #3 (of 6 total!). Several of you continually rank in the top 100 competitors across the nation. Keep up the great work! This Tuesday at 4:10 pm, we face the Lions from St. Mark’s School of Texas.

So see ya Tuesday!
3:35 – 4:30
Math Madness begins sharply at 4:10 PM

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