2021_1207 MATH TEAM

Sun, Dec 5, 2021, 8:27 PM

What’s up Mathletes – and welcome to the new folks to our email distribution list!

Here is a review of some general information for the newcomers:
a.  The people in the to: line of this email are the math team coaches in order of: frosh coach, soph coach, jr coach, sr coach, oralist coach.  Please reach out to the coach for specific questions you may have.  
b.  The folks in the cc: line are the officers of Math Team.  Each person in the cc line is, imho, as brilliant as they are kind.  So feel free to email them with your questions if you prefer.
c.  Then the 200+ folks in the bcc line are the wonderful folks that make up our group.  
d.  A lot of information for MATH TEAM is dispensed on our uber-amazing website: shsmathteam.com  Contests and other resources are housed in the google classroom run by one of the coaches above.

And now to our weekly updates.
0.  We will be meeting in our typical classrooms this week: 
FROSH 1500/1502 
SOPH   1506 
JR         1606
SR         1608

1.  Shirts are in!  
Earlier this weekend I emailed the folks who ordered a t-shirt… Collin will be walking around to pass out the swag, just be sure to pass along $12 to him on Tuesday.  And for those who did not get a free Optiver t-shirt from our earlier meeting, we can get you one of those too.  =)  We have a few extras in Mr. Anderson’s 1500 room.

Be a part of the madness this Tuesday at 4:10 PM sharp.  We move on to the Elite-8 against The Davidson Academy in Reno, NV.  Come to test your math skills with competition math questions in a timed environment.  It’s also great practice for future events like the 2-person event for regional and state math competition.  Shout outs to Ben Chen, Brian Shen, Andrew Liu, “Concealed,” Vedant Rathi, Angela Guo, Nathan Ma, Collin Fan, Jaden Chen, Jack Chen, Katherine Li, Aayush Kashyap, Ethan Zhang, Aadit Juneja, Andrey Vlasov, Keona Liu, Michael Ling, Benjamin Prins, Tim Bui, Gabe Visotsky, Evan Lin, Greycen Ren, Ryan Liu, Audrey Hong, Joy Qu, “Concealed,” Caden Zhao, Lillian Wang, Youran Zhu, Eric Tsui, Charles Zhang, G.K., Faizaan Siddique, Evan Fredin, Vidushi Gupta, Tony Liu, Ainika Hou, James Bradley, Raghav Agrawal, Andrew Zhang, Julian Tong, “Concealed,” Aaroh Tak, Shaurya Agrawal, Calvin Hu, Joey Zhu, Kevin Shen, Travis Lin, Diana Tang, and Jeffrey Lu for making it onto the internet – being listed among top scoring students!  It is no wonder that Stevenson is listed as the top scoring school when scoring the topo 5, 10, 15, or 20 students in each school across the nation.  

3.  NSML #3 @Deerfield
There are 47 seats on a bus and 6 coaches, we can take only 42 students, 10 at each grade level and 2 oralists, to Deerfield this week on Thursday … yeah, one of the coaches may have to drive…  If you have not done so yet, be sure to fill out your availability form so that coaches can cross-reference top scoring students with availability of students.  We will make announcements on who will get on the bus with us by Wednesday of this week.  For those selected, expect to be on the bus by 4 PM and to be back at SHS at around 8:45 PM.  We will have dinner on our way to Deerfield… details will be sent later to those selected.
Related to NSML, please be sure to stay on top of asynchronous assignments – it helps coaches make the best decisions possible.

See ya Tuesday! 
3:35 – 4:30
Math Madness begins sharply at 4:10 PM

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