Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 8:14 PM

Oh dearly beloved, 

With finals week upon us, there is no math team this week.  It will give you some time to breathe and to focus on exams.  =)

1.  We appreciate the generosity in, ahem, allowing other teams to move on in the Math Madness – alas, we are out of the tournament.  But really, it is amazing timing.  =)  We would have had to scramble to get in 2 rounds this week while at the same time finishing up the semester… really, … just amazing foresight and generosity… you all never cease to amaze me.  =)  

2.  NSML, on the other hand, ya’ll are crushing.  300 points this past week is tops for the round and allows us to push our lead!  

3.  Though we are not meeting this week, we do have one request.  Will you please fill out this survey?  It will help motivate what we do in the first semester next year and what activities we continue to do in the second semester.

Wow!  It’s the last week of school!  Anybody else pumped?

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