2022_0201 MATH TEAM

Jan 30, 2022, 9:05 PM

Here we go!

1.  Congratulations to the 35 students who made their way to the ARML competition last week!  Stealing from an old Wayne Gretzy quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Yes, we congratulate all 35 students simply because they took a chance.  =)  The questions were tough, and that is also great!  At our particular site (there was also an IMSA, Whitney Young, and Naperville North location), our very own Ben Chen had the high score.  Congratulations to Ben.  Teams will be announced later this month.  And thank you to Mr. Anderson for working the logistics 

2.  AMC / AIME.  For those who qualified for the AIME, congratulations!  You made it to the second of three stages.  The AIME will take place on 2/8, qualified students received an email from Mr. Anderson with details.  In the next week, consider doing a little study session with another qualifier. =)

3.  ICTM Regional.  Thank you to the 80+ students who expressed interest in participation in the ICTM regional at Stevenson High School on 2/26.  We plan to start our individual exams at 8 AM so that we can avoid the most conflicts.  We will then continue with 8 person exams at 9 AM and calculator exams at 10 AM.  Please keep watching the google classrooms for posted problems and resources.  Most of these details, however, we are holding back on until we successfully complete…

4.  NSML #4.  NSML #4 will be held at  Evanston Township High School.  To the lucky 42 students we select (10 at each grade level and 2 oralists), we will leave at 4 PM.  Evanston is fairly difficult to get to, and mother nature is going to bring some of that white fluffy stuff:

“white fluffy stuff” — pk

So we may ask that everyone bring a sack lunch for dinner, similar to what we did for ARML.  I’m guessing it will take over an hour to get there, but we will continue to monitor the weather and advise the 42 of us as we gain a clearer picture.  Please be sure to work your google classrooms, looking for problems, resources, and competitions so that we can make the best selection for our trip.

Accordingly, this Tuesday, we will start in our typical classrooms to start:

FROSH 1500/1502   Anderson
SOPH   1506             pkim
JR         1606            Renken
SR         1608           Tollefson

but then break into larger groups.  
Frosh + Soph in 1500/1502.
Jr + Sr in 1608.

In these larger groups we will detail how the regional and state tournament is done, and possibly run through some practice 8person events for fun and to get to know each other.  

See ya’ll Tuesday! 

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