2022_0208 MATH TEAM – MHD

Fri, Feb 4, 1:42 PM


tut, 2/8/2022, wagtta”mhd”b.  soywbttaeitd, awatftybwbm.  a,wwnbmfmt.  sr, taw, hwf, dsrm, cotgcfnm, aealb.

wwsyaoF15!  ath, stwof15, wh5fdwatiisb.  

W!  tscgsuu. 


—- for those of you that don’t understand my text lingo, here you go —

Hello Math Team!

This upcoming Tuesday, 2/8/2022, we are going to take a “mental health day” 

break.  Several of you will be taking the aime earlier in the day, and we acknowledge the fact that your brain will be mush.  Accordingly, we will not be meeting for math team.  So relax, take a walk, hang with friends, do some recreational math, check out the google classroom for new material, and enjoy a little break.

We will see you again on February 15!  And take heart, starting the week of February 15, we have 5 four day weeks and then it is spring break.

Woot!  The Stevenson calendar gods smile upon us


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