2022_0215 MATH TEAM

Sun, Feb 13, 4:22 PM

hello, Hello HELLO!

Excited to see everyone again this Tuesday!  After taking a week off, quite a few things have happened so let me fill you in.

1.  Congratulations to AIME qualifiers.  Last week Tuesday, over 30 of us sat for the AIME exam, the second leg of the three test path to MOP and international mathing.  We hope some of you make it to the next round, but we celebrate those who made it this far.  Pretty awesome.

2.  NSML #4 is behind us, and our math team has opened up a whopping 59 point lead over second place second place Whitney Young, 1197 to 1138.  One more round to go!  NSML #5 is scheduled to be held in person with all 50 plus teams invited to descend upon GlenBrook South.  It’s a fun time to see the entire high school math community in one place.  Our next weeks will be spent in preparing for NSML #5 and regional and State competition.  https://nsml.org/statistics/ranked/cumulative/4/

3.  ARML qualifiers.  There are quite a few of us invited to train up for the American Regions Math League.  Please make sure to keep your eye on emails from Mr. Anderson as there are assignments and bus rides in the near future.

4.  This week, we’re going to meet in larger groupings.  Freshmen and Sophomores will join together in 1500/1502; Juniors and Seniors will meet together in room 1608 (or 1606).  We will spend time working in groups to practice math topics for state and nsml, hanging with math and hanging with each other.  While of course, the true reward for math is the math itself, we also will supply some CHOCOLATE!  =)  There should be plenty of opportunities for your groups to win some chocolate and some other random gifts. =)

So enjoy the Super Bowl and we’ll see ya Tuesday, 

3:45 – 4:30 ish

Frosh/Soph 1500/1502
Jr/Sr 1606 or 1608


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