2022_0222 MATH TEAM

Mon, Feb 21, 8:20 PM

2morrow it’s going to happen!

2 celebrate our time 2gether, un2 you, we capi2late our time on 2sday 2 2 things

• We will meet in our typical rooms, BUT all calculator team participants will start in 1500/1502.  There, Mr. Anderson will do a practice calculator session.  For all students not in calculator, remain in your typical rooms where we will spend time working through a practice regional/state competition specific to your year.  The best way to anticipate the difficulty of questions is to work through old contests.

• at about 4:05, we will go our two room setup:
frosh/soph in 1500/1502
Jr/Sr in rooms 1606/1608
We will work through 8 person events during that time.

All this as we prepare for the regionals competition which will be this Saturday.
For those that are participating in regionals, earlier today you received our second of four emails detailing how our time will be spent on Saturday.  Further emails confirmed your registration for individual, 8 person, and calculator events.  If you did not receive email confirmations, then we do not have you on our list of regional participants.  If you find that this is in error, please contact your coach.

take time 2 2ly accen2ate the details of this email, 2se to 2 on the details, even2ually you will come 2 appreciate… ok, i’m done.

After school to 4:05ish

1500/1502 Frosh/Calculator 
1506 Soph
1606 Jr
1608 Sr

1500/1502 Frosh/Soph
1608 Jr/Sr

until 2morrow, 2daloo!

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