2022_0301 MATH TEAM

Sun, Feb 27, 7:49 PM

Whoah… you See that off in the distance?  That, my friend, is the end of the school year.  It’s nUts that our next meeting will be in March.  The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warMer, soon it will be that magical word: like a 6 lEtter wordle where the two middle letters are the same and happen to be one of the two middle letteRs of the alphabet. I can’t write out lest I scare it away… but man, it’s close!

Congratulations to the 50+ students that participated in regionals this past weekend!  It’s exciting to know that many of you are putting your talents out there to see how you are improving and competing with other mathematicians in the region.  Official scores are still not up, so I will not discuss results beyond saying we are so glad that you offer your time to participate and toil in mathematics with others.  

Coming up in two weeks, March 10, is meet #5 in the NSML.  The 50+ schools of the league will descend upon Glenbrook South at the same time, and so we are limited to bring only 5 students at each grade level.  Coaches will be discussing with each other and looking at previous contests and practices in deciding who will be on the bus with us.  

Accordingly, this week in math team, we will take time to clan up and spend some time with math together.  We will look at contests from previous years and possibly look through a few different activities. 

btw, check out https://shsmathteam.com/ as new content is being dropped into the page weekly. 

See ya Tuesday
3:40 – 4:30ish
1500/1502 FR/SO
1606/1608 Jr/Sr


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