2022_0308 MATH TEAM

Mon, Mar 7, 9:56 PM

Anybody else feel like Tuesday crept up on us really fast?
Anybody else feel like they forgot how to “do school” after a long weekend?
Anybody else weirded out that it was 70° and sunny  and then a winter wonderland on the same weekend?

Despite how you feel, the fact is that MATH TEAM meets tomorrow!  It’s a busy week with lots of news, so let’s get at it.

With an unofficial score of 863, Stevenson high school wins region 12, and has the highest score across all other regions!  Here are the top 10 across all regions:


Many individual honors will be given to several of you for scoring in the top 8 individually or for placing in a team event.  These awards will be passed out to you during math team when they come in!  Check out shsmathteam.com for a full list of awardees… in a few days. =)

The previous head math team coach, the honorable Mr. Thibadeau, has stated to me a few times that winning NSML is just as big, if not bigger, than winning state.  Thursday is NSML 5, the last NSML event of the year.  After this event, grand totals for the year are summed.  That’s 375 possible points at each grade level plus 200 possible points for orals – a grand total of 1700 possible points.  

These are the standings now, with a possible 1400 points: 300 at each grade level and 200 for orals:


Good luck to those going out on Thursday!

3.  Math models

Every year, we select 10 students to participate in math modeling competitions.  This week, our teams will be submitting final projects in the Modeling the Future Challenge and finding out next week if they make it to the next round of the M3Challenge.  At the conclusion of these events, we will begin forming our teams for next year, so keep an eye out for invitations.

4.  Looking ahead

Next week Wednesday is ARML and the co-curricular fair. If you have an 8th grade sibling, tell them to swing by the math team booth!

5.  Athletes

To our Mathlete athletes, congratulations on making one of our sports teams.  Please be sure to communicate with your coaches so that we can keep you looped in.

See you tomorrow for some 2p fun and nsml prep:
Tuesday 3/8/2022
3:35ish – 4:30ish
1500/1502 FROSH SOPH
1608/1610 Jr Sr


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