2023_0117 MATH TEAM

Math, math, math, math maaath….

Lots going on friends…

Tomorrow, come to math team and:

1.  Sign in to 5-star to keep your eligibility fresh

2.  Hear about a service opportunity this upcoming spring

3.  Consider some math team swag

4.  Prepare for NSML #4, brushing up on:

  frosh: number theory

  soph: circles

  jr: conics

  sr: sequences and series

5.  Updates on 8 person and 2 person and calculator competitions – if you signed up, look out for google classrooms and/or emails to help get organized

To help us get organized on our end, please fill out this simple google form to establish your availability for NSML #4 and for a regional competition practice at at Neuqua valley


Hope you enjoyed the day off and have a great short week!

(whew, thank goodness for a short week!)


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