2023_0124 MATH TEAM

MATH TEAM assemble!!!

Good problems are a resource.  Good problems ignite curiosity, inspire study, and humble us as we expand our view of all there is in mathematics.

Sure, they can also make us feel like poop, make us cry on the inside… and sometimes on the outside too.  But that’s part of it!  There is no satisfaction in being right if there is no chance of being wrong.

Tomorrow, each grade level will continue their study and practice of:

frosh: number theory and divisibility in room 1500 / 1502

soph: circles in room 1506

jr: conics in 1508

sr: sequences and series in 1510

Come and mash problems with us, debrief, and discuss strategies!

We begin at 3:40ish and will end around 4:30ish

and now I asked Chat GPT to make this email into a rap….


Yo, listen up, I got a rap to drop ‘Bout math problems, the real deal, non-stop Good problems, they a resource, ignite Curiosity, inspire study, make us strive

To expand our view of all there is in math It humbles us, makes us wanna take a bath In the sea of knowledge, but hold up, wait Sometimes they make us feel like poop, ain’t great

But that’s part of the game, can’t deny The satisfaction of being right, it’s high But without the chance of being wrong, it’s low So bring on the problems, let’s go, go, go

Tomorrow, each grade level got a plan Frosh study number theory, divisibility, understand Sophomores circles, juniors conics, seniors sequences and series Come mash problems with us, debrief, discuss, no fears

We begin at 3:40ish, end at 4:30ish Math team assemble, let’s solve and flourish

Truly, this is what AI was made for.  


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