2023_0131 MATH TEAM

blink …  blink, blink…

What in the world?  What happened to January?!?  

The school days are slow, but the school year is fast.   For perspective…

1.  This week we will engage in math combat in NSML 4…  FOUR!  There are only 5 of these every year.

2.  There are only a dozen MATH TEAM meetings left…. for the entire year!

3.  If you’re a senior, you will say “It’s Friday!” at school only 14 more times in your high school life.

This week in our Tuesday MATH TEAM meeting, we will do our last preparations and practices for NSML 4 on Thursday.  After Tuesday, we will notify those who will make the bus to Vernon Hills.  But if you do not make the bus, do not fret!  Come and learn.  Come and do math.  Come and hang out.  We just want to see some new problems and see how we handle ourselves.  Being correct is only satisfying if the chance of being wrong is real.  Let’s get some problems right together. =)

NOTE: Some grade levels are doing their last vetting contest.  If you are unable to come, please discuss with your coach.

There are also 2person and calculator practices going on… 8 person is on a pause until we get on the other side of NSML 4.  (I need to protect my bandwidth a little bit).

In other news, 


Congrats to the folks who came out to Neuqua Valley high school last week.  =)

This was a practice regional event to get some nerves out and to experience what the team events feel like.  To calibrate these scores, know that both Neuqua and Metea finished in the top 10 at state last year.  

So come celebrate the end of January with us as we do some math.

If you’re a regular, we look forward to seeing you again!

If you haven’t been around in a while, find a buddy then come on by to mash problems with us.


3:44ish – 4:29ish

frosh 1500/1502

soph 1506

jr 1508

sr 1510


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