2023_0221 MATH TEAM

Let’s go!!!!!

Super thrilled to have had the day off. =). 

Let’s be refreshed and ready to go tomorrow!  Folks are going to be complaining, saying they’re tired, blah, blah… let’s just go the other way.  Let’s smile and be glad to be in a place where we can learn and see friends and teachers.  

Tuesday 2/21

Tomorrow in math team, we will, well… do math!  

Frosh/Soph in 1500/1502

Jr/Sr in 1508/1510 

We will be looking at individual contests, 2 person contests, or 8 person contests in each room.

By Wednesday, we will email those that will be participating in regionals.

Saturday 2/25

For those selected, regionals will be roughly 

9 AM if you qualify for individual competition

10 AM if you qualify for calculator competition

10:30 AM if you qualify for jr/sr 8 person or fr/so 2 person

11 AM if you qualify for fr/sr 8 person or jr/sr 8 person

Details will be sent to the selected individuals.  Know that our goal is to be competitive and to involve as many students that we feel allows us to compete at the level we want.  If you are selected, you represent us all!  If you are not selected, know that you are still an important part of math team.  You learn, You struggle, You strive.  That kind of energy makes us all want to do better, and it makes a difference when you come and work with us.

Looking ahead

Thursday 3/2


Friday 3/3

Our two Modeling the Future Challenge teams will submit their work.

Sunday 3/5

Our two m3challenge teams will be working the 14 hour math challenge.  

Saturday 4/8 and 4/15

Junior high math circle

Saturday 4/22

State math contest at ISU

Saturday 4/29

Junior high math tournament

Let’s make math feel awesome in this place, 


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