2023_0404 MATH TEAM

4.  There are only four more Tuesday MATH TEAM meetings left!  Raise the banner, send out the bat signal and come out today to do a little mathy-scavenger-hunty-thing that our brave and noble leaders have made

2.  The first of two junior high math circle events starts this Saturday!  Exciting!  Maybe you have a little sibling that will be among them. =)

n+ Math modeling members have run their path, finishing as semi-finalists, triage qualifiers, and finalists in the M3C and MTFC.  Several others are working now to become the future modelers of math team.  We will keep you posted as the news keeps coming in. =)

150+ Between the math circle and MATH TEAM, there are over 150 shirts next to my desk.  If you ordered a MATH TEAM shirt, you’ll have it today!  … given that you already paid =). 

Today!  3:40ish to 4:24ish

frosh/soph 1500-1502/1506

jr/sr 1508-1510

… then go to the field house to watch badminton.  =)


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