2021_0316 Math Team: ICTM news and prep

Sun, Mar 14, 2:38 PM Greetings to the esteemed math team of Stevenson High School,  Harken and turn your ear to the following decrees! 1.  Come one, come all. In a normal year, we have to make tough cuts, touch choices.  Logistically there are only so many people we can load onto a bus, and theContinue reading “2021_0316 Math Team: ICTM news and prep”

2021_0309 Math team

Mon, Mar 8, 9:14 PM Hello friends, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, grandchildren, athletes, gamers, students, tutors, vegetarians, carnivores, … there certainly is a great diversity in our group, but together, we are THE math team. As it has been all year, we are proud to be among you, proud to be coaches of thisContinue reading “2021_0309 Math team”

2021_0202 Math team on Twos-day

Mon, Feb 1, 8:47 PM Whah!  2/2 is a 2sday!  We must honor the day with math team.It’s going 2 be a busy week for our fine insti2ion2morrow, we will go over sum announcements regarding NSML on Thursday, AMC on Thursday, ICTM updates, and other competition updates 2.We’ll also follow up last week’s Quick Word on cheating withContinue reading “2021_0202 Math team on Twos-day”