Mon, Dec 14, 1:11 PM Hark! I bring to you a message of good cheer!   … really, I’m forwarding an email from Mr. Anderson For when you wake again, Math Team will be here! … really, it’s not full on math team, it’s math madness glory So make haste! oh vile evening, and bring toContinue reading “FINAL MEETING OF THE SEMESTER: 12/15/2020 Math team”

11/24/2020 Equipo de matemáticas

Mon, Nov 23, 8:33 PM Sí amigos, Mañana tenemos un reunión! Tuesday. 11/24/2020 3:35 – 4:25ish Tomorrow, after some funtivities and group learning, we will spend the bulk of our time in breakout rooms, working on topics and contests for NSML. woot!  Can you believe that is Thanksgiving week?  Short week!  Aaaaaaahhh!   See ya’llContinue reading “11/24/2020 Equipo de matemáticas”

ARTHUR BENJAMIN: 11/17/2020 Math team

Sun, Nov 15, 7:46 PM Dear math team,  Woot!  Big week coming up. Tuesday we will take a small break from our typical preparation and here from Havey Mudd professor and TED speaker, Arthur Benjamin.  His talk will begin around 3:40 and go for about half an hour, so be sure to zoom on in. Continue reading “ARTHUR BENJAMIN: 11/17/2020 Math team”

11/10/2020 Math Team

Mon, Nov 9, 11:27 PM Ma-ma-ma-Maaaaaaaaaaath Teeeeeeam-eam-eam-eam-eam … Yup, Tuesday is math day. Tomorrow we will provide an update on how our contests have been going, give a few shout outs to high performers, preview our guest speaker for next week, lay down the calendar for the next few months, start our study of theContinue reading “11/10/2020 Math Team”