10/13/2020 math team

Mon, Oct 12, 3:55 PM


1.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will talk about the Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), going over the November and February tournaments and how SHS gets involved.

2.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will make sure we are good for math madness and AMC

3.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will continue to prep the next NSML topics for each grade level in breakout rooms… the next competition is under one month away.

Zoom it up here!: https://zoom.us/j/92119341972

3:35 – 4:25 on Tuesday 10/13

10/6/2020 Math team

Mon, Oct 5, 9:33 PM

So. Much. News

1.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will detail how to get set up for the AMC contest… the first step on your path to working with Professor Loh at the Mathematical Olympiad Program (MOP)

2.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will detail how to get involved in Math Madness

3.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will introduce the next NSML topics for each grade level

4.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will see if there is new interest in orals.

5.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will see if there is interest in running a third unofficial m3 team.

6.  Tomorrow in our meeting we will detail our NSML results after the first meet.

All that here: https://zoom.us/j/92119341972

3:35 – 4:25 on Tuesday 10/6

PROFESSOR PO-SHEN LOH: Math team week of 9/29/2020

Sun, Sep 27, 9:54 PM

Let’s go!!!

Big week.

Monday: Enjoy the day off, because the next few nights are going to be a bit long.

Tuesday: Professor Po-Shen Loh will be zooming in to address our math team and the NSML!  Really important that you use this new zoom channel for this Tuesday meeting.  Our old and usual link will not be active for this week so that we can support a larger audience.


Then later that night our oralist for this first contest will be preparing and presenting… so wish him or her luck!  =)

Wednesday: NSML #1.  Your faculty advisor should be setting up the mechanic to receive and submit work for this contest.  Remember it is to be done without notes, without help, and without calculators across all levels for this contest.

This week, I will be sending reminder emails the day before each event with more details.  

Enjoy the day off!


Math team! 9/22/2020

Mon, Sep 21, 9:09 PM

Hello hello hello!

I’m pretty excited about our next few days!

Tomorrow 9/22, we have Patrick Renken zooming in to speak to us.  What does an actuary really do?  How does one become an actuary?  Why would one want to be an actuary?  Like Mrs. Renken said last week, folks that are big brain in math know that academia is an option, maybe a job in finance – we would like to see if actuarial science can be added to this list.

Tomorrow is also our last time to meet and prepare for NSML #1, our first competition event next week Wednesday.  We will break out into our rooms by year to do some final practice and final testing.  It is very important that you are available tomorrow so that we can put our best team forward.

Also please fill out this form to confirm your intentions for NSML #1

Why will tomorrow be our last time to do some NSML prep?  Because next week Tuesday, our speaker will be taking the entire hour during their talk.  I’ll fill you in during our meeting tomorrow. =)

See ya zooming tomorrow at 3:35.



9/15/2020 Math Team

Mon, Sep 14, 10:10 PM

Team Math.

September is amazing, no?  Cooler weather, school has a rhythm to it, sports on tv again, and a growing math community… life is grand.

In fact, let me run through all of September for you

Last week we heard from some math majors from Yale

This week is our ONLY week to wholly focus on NSML preparation.

Then we have some sweet speakers in back to back weeks.  Pretty pumped… but let’s focus on the week ahead of us.

This week we will do a quick problem together then go to our breakout rooms to prep for NSML #1.  In each room, we will work through problems and work through how we will submit work in a timed environment to satisfy NSML requirements.

So see ya tomorrow, 3:35 – 4:25 



9/8/2020 Math Team meeting

Mon, Sep 7, 8:29 PM

Math team… ASSEMBLE!

Oh my, that three day weekend was very necessary… and the best thing about Monday off, is the short week ahead.  =)

Let’s start the school week off right and do some math team after school!

3:35 – 4:25


This week, we will have special lecturers: 

“Live from New Haven!”

A couple of our former math team members will give a talk on their studies and share some problems.  Want to know what it’s like to be a math major?  Want to hear about some college math?  Curious about campus life at ____?  What do math majors go on to do?  Got other questions?  

Zoooom in!!!

After their talk, we’ll have some Q and A (type into the chat), and then we will break out into our grade levels to do some focused study and work.

Get pumped!  We’re excited when you come!  Come in to listen and learn, come to give help and share insights.


9/1/20 Math team

Mon, Aug 31, 9:04 PM

What’s up math team, 

Tuesday, 3:35 – 4:25


Crazy to think about, but really, there are only about 17 times that we will meet together this semester… let’s learn as much as we can in our time together.

This week, Mr. Anderson will lead our discussions before we head off into breakout rooms per year.  

See ya’ll tomorrow, 


Math team 8/25/2020

Mon, Aug 24, 8:58 PM

Hello coaches and students, 

Tomorrow, August 25, we meet again from 3:35 – 4:25 to enjoy math together.  After some initial remarks, we will review Stevenson’s history and future with the North Suburban Math League and break-out into rooms by class level as your faculty point person helps to prepare you for the first competition of the year.

Paul Kim is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Our zoom link will consistently be:


Meeting ID: 921 1934 1972

Dial by your location:  +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

see ya’ll tomorrow,


Tuesday + You = Math team

Wed, Aug 12, 6:56 AM

Good morning mathematician!

Can you believe it?!  The last time all of Stevenson was in the building was 153 days ago on March 12.  You should try to calculate how many zoom calls ago that was…

Well, Math team lives on and our first meeting will be on Tuesday, August 18 at 3:35.

There we will introduce the format for the year and the competitions that we plan to participate in.  It will be nice to see your faces again.  =)

Expect a separate email in the coming days from the point person for each year.  They are:

FROSH: Anderson 

SOPH:  Kim

JR:  Renken

SR:  Tollefson 

See ya Tuesday!

zoom link: 92119341972


Mathletes assemble!!!